Yasmin's Top Tips

Yasmine is a former PGCE student of ours. In her year she was a finalist in the PGCE of the Year awards held by Warwick University.

My 5 top tips as a PCGE student:

1. Manage your time effectively- find a way to split your time between university, school and your social life appropriately.
2. No question is a silly question.
3. Organisation is key - always make a plan even if you don’t stick to it.
4. Make friends on the course so you have a support system. These people know exactly what you're going through and you tend to make friends for life.
5. No matter how tough your day has been just remember you are doing it for the children. You are teaching children something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

5 things I learnt as a PGCE:

1. Learning to teach using the agile approach. At first, it seems like a circus but once you get the hang of it, it’s life changing.
2. I learnt how to plan and prepare engaging lessons.
3. How to support several SEN pupils with different needs.
4. I learnt how to build effective relationships with my children. Children spend most of their waking life in school so it’s important that you show them love.
5. Finally, one of the fundamental things I learnt this year was to ask for help when I needed it. When you work with an amazing team you’ll never feel alone.

Kind regards

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