Hungry children cannot be expected to work, think clearly or even be happy at school which is why Free school meals (FSM) are a crucial entitlement for families who need some extra support. Free school meals help to ensure that all children get a nutritious meal in the middle of the day. As well as providing vital financial support, a good nutritious meal at lunchtime has important health and educational benefits for children. Evidence shows that eating a healthy school meal improves children’s concentration during afternoon lessons and can have a positive impact on classroom behaviour. They can also help children to develop healthy eating habits and have the potential to decrease health problems in the future. All children at Cuckoo Hall Academy receive free school meals in reception, year 1 and year 2, but beyond that they don't. That's why it is vital that parents eligible for a FSM fill in the correct forms. For details of how to apply click on the link below: Remember, if you are still unsure after reading all the information, contact us and we can help. Also If you apply for a free school meal - and we agree your application - you can raise £1,320 for our academy and your child's education; this extra money comes to us from the Government. It is therefore important that all parents/guardians who qualify, apply for the award - even if your child currently does not have school meals.

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