How to make a time capsule with your children

Here is another great idea from the Community Outreach team.

What is a time capsule?

A time capsule is a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being a typical of the present time and buried for discovery in the future.

It's typically hidden away for your future self or someone of your choosing to open. This is perfect as a gift to yourself or a gift for your child for future years.

Now is a good opportunity while we are at home staying safe to think about making one.

How to get started?

Chose a container, an old lunch box, a box, even an old bag you no longer use any more.

What to put inside?

Inside your container you can put items that hold present day items, such as:

Photos of you or family members

Newspaper or magazine articles

Leaflets that come through your door: food menus are a good idea

Write about Covid-19: what happened with school life, how you had to stay home

How did you do your school learning

How did you communicate with family and friends (write this all down)

Write a list of songs and names of artist who are around now

A list of movies right now

Name of your school and teacher’s names

Who your friends are and their names

Objects to represent present times

An unused or broken mobile phone

An old school tie

Pair of old football socks

Old cd, fidget spinner (you no longer use)

Small models of heroes you no longer play with (we all have them, now we have grown)

Anything you could think that would represent today's times.

Bury your capsule

You can the time capsule in the garden (if your container is waterproof) or hide it in the loft if you have one. Or anywhere in your house that is safe.

Good luck, please feel free to share with us what is inside your time capsule on social media or email us at [email protected]

Juliet, Beleyu, Gurjit