Ideas for parents to help their younger children learn about shapes and colours

Here are three ideas to learn about colours and shapes with your little ones, using the resources you already have at home.

Lolly sticks and pens 

Use 2 lolly sticks and place them next to each other. Draw half a shape on each stick using different colours and get the children to match them up!

Using coloured paper, material or card

Draw out the outline of shapes on a piece of paper. Copy the shapes onto the coloured paper/card/patterned material and cut them out.

Get the little ones to match them up (you can use Velcro to attach too).

Shape Box 

Using a shoe box or cereal box decorate your box with the children using whatever you wish.

Grown-ups cut 6-8 slots into one side of the box (the lid or big flat side). Draw out different shapes on card or felt and cut them out.

Label the slots with pictures of the different shapes. The children can ‘post; the shapes into the correct slots. 

This encourages the children to use their hand –eye coordination and their memory.

Have fun! Let us know how you get on!

Gurjit, Beleyu & Juliet – The Community Outreach Team