New Home Learning arrangements and time table for the school

New Home Learning arrangements start on Monday, 20 April.

All pupils are expected to participate.

It is absolutely critical that every pupil completes their work each week as if they were in the classroom. This long period of lockdown is set to continue until further notice and we need the children to keep up with their learning as much as possible. The headteacher and teachers have thought through very carefully what learning should be set for the children at this time. Teachers are setting work that will be the most beneficial for the children so that when they eventually return to the the classroom they are in the best possible position to catch up and get to where they need to be.

We need our families to work with us to ensure learning at home is effective in a way in which we have never asked of you before. We know these are incredibly unusual circumstances and will pose a challenge for our families to assist with home learning.

To find out more go to the home page of the school website and click on the Home Learning banner.

You can view a copy of the new Home Learning timetable here.