Keyworker children - a place at the Hub School

Dear parents and carers
We cannot stress enough that children should ONLY attend the CHAT Hub School at Heron Hall if it is absolutely necessary and you have NO OTHER OPTIONS.
It is NOT compulsory for keyworker's children to attend next week.
This is emergency provision.
We must all do as much as we can to prevent the spread of the disease. So, please, help us by keeping your children at home if you can.
Arrangements for Monday:

We have contacted those parents who have applied but DO NOT qualify for keyworker status as defined by the government.
We have done everything we can to contact the parents who are NOT eligible but some emails and numbers to a few of our parents are out of date or not working.
Unfortunately, we may need to advise therefore that you are not eligible according to the government’s guidance in person on Monday.
You will NOT be able to leave your children with us.
On Monday, ONLY those who have successfully applied can bring their children to the Hub School. We will check you off from our list when you arrive.  If you have applied and we have not contacted you (with the exception of a few parents in the circumstances listed above), then you have a place.

We will need you to bring evidence of ID of where you work to ensure that we can confirm your keyworker status.
Please bring your child to the main entrance of Heron Hall Academy at 9am on Monday. Address: 46 Queensway, Ponders End, Enfield EN3 4SA. See map here.
Please do not queue or arrive early. There is no need to queue or to gather as a crowd: and practice social distancing. You will then be directed to an appropriate part of the school.
On Monday, all children will receive food from us.

Please also note: Parents who believe they are keyworkers need to have APPLIED for a place at the Hub School. You cannot turn up with your child at the school if you not have applied to us.

Marino Charalambous, Chief Executive Officer
Arthur Barzey, Sharon Parson, Nicky Ross, Matt Clifford, and Jade- Simone Bacon, Headteachers