Grand Design

We are proud that our pupils and staff have a spectacular building to study and work in. As you walk into Heron Hall Academy you get a feeling of pride, of being in an environment where everyone matters, no one is left behind, and where every single student can reach their full potential. 


Heron Hall is a truly magnificent building. Its refurbishment was the remodelling of an unoccupied, partly derelict, 1930s, Grade II listed technical college building.


Our school building acts as an important civic focus. The design lends itself to our school's particular vision and circumstances, creating learning settings that facilitate and inspire; supporting young people in achieving their full potential. 


We have retained and restored the majority of the original listed building, with a new three-storey teaching wing replacing a building which was no longer suited for school use. The conversion has reinvigorated a high quality listed building, saving it from dereliction and decay, and provided a valuable new community facility which has a viable long term future.


This splendid building and facilities fit with the determination and high aspirations held by all of our staff, and inspires our students to work hard, stretch themselves, and be the best that they can be.

Photo taken by Heron Hall's Design & Technology tutor, Mr J Nayar.