10 Cuckoo families graduate from Families Connect programme

Families Connect

A huge congratulations to the 10 families that have graduated from the Families Connect programme.

The Community Outreach Team run the fantastic Families Connect programme in partnership with Save the Children.

The programme is for 8 weeks covering areas of social and emotional development, literacy and numeracy.

The aim was to support parents to enjoy helping their children learn at home.

“We have enjoyed coming every week to Families Connect and learning new ideas.” - A parent on the programme

“I love coming to Families Connect and sharing special time with my mum.” - A pupil on the programme

“We have enjoyed meeting parents and their children and sharing ideas on learning journey in a fun environment.” - The Community Outreach Team

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Families Connect focuses on supporting parents and children to learn together.

It helps parents to support their children’s learning in three key areas:

Literacy and language development
Emotional development

The eight-week programme provides a series of activities, techniques and games that parents and carers can do with their children at home.

Each activity encourages parents and children to spend quality time together by talking about specific topics and reflecting on what they already do to support their children’s learning.

Parents also discuss the science behind the programme’s activities.

These informal workshops invite parents to explore new games and approaches that might help them to support their child’s learning at home.

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