Student safety - Vehicle access at Heron Hall

Important Information

As the school population increases, Heron Hall is indebted to keeping children safe, both in and out of school.

Queensway has become heavily congested with lorries and cars of late, which makes managing children on the pavements a challenge.

In addition, parents and visitors leaving Heron Hall during dismissal create additional problems for pupils safety, as the entrance gate is also used by the students as a pedestrian walkway.

Therefore, as a result, Heron Hall will be locking the gates during dismissal from 3:30-3:50pm starting from Monday 11th February 2019. It will be most appreciated if you do not drive into the school grounds to collect your child after school.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and recommend arranging a meeting spot on Queensway or Tesco to pick up your child.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to keep our children safe at Heron Hall.