Woodpecker show racism the red card

Show Racism The Red Card

Anti-racism educational charity 'Show Racism The Red Card' delivered an informative, powerful and educational workshop to Woodpecker year 5/6.

The 1996 established charity work in schools throughout England, Scotland and Wales and present to over 50,000 young people every year.

The organisation utilises football and footballers to help tackle racism in society.

The charities' team of educators and ex-professional footballer, Leon Braithwaite ran the successful workshop.

From the workshops the pupils have gained:

A better understanding of what racism is and how it impacts on individuals (targets & perpetrators) and society.

An increased awareness of the responsibility to challenge racism & how this can be done.

An increased awareness of critical thinking and its usefulness in challenging stereotypes and recognising media bias.

More knowledge about appropriate/inappropriate terminology relating to ethnicity.