650 attend Read Aloud launch events in our primary schools

Dear families

Over 650 attend the recent Read Aloud launch events in our primary schools

As CEO of the Trust that manages your school, I wanted to tell you that I found your commitment  to fostering a love of reading in our children to be truly inspiring.

With several hundred family members joining us in the schools for special events, we launched our new 3-year campaign, Read Aloud, to help get children reading outside of the classroom.

As our campaign slogan for Read Aloud says: 15 minutes. Every day. Every child. Every parent.

The events were not just about storytelling and activities; they were a testament to the vital role reading plays in our children's lives, both in and out of the classroom. 

They also highlighted the power of community, of all of us coming together,  to encourage the children’s literacy journey.

If you missed the launches, or just want to find out more about Read Aloud, visit your school website Read Aloud pages here: Woodpecker Hall  Kingfisher Hall Enfield Heights

Reading at home creates exam success

Reading together at home builds stronger literacy skills, enhances vocabulary, and nurtures a lifelong love for books. 

This foundation is critical for academic success, particularly as our children approach key stages in their education.

When it comes to GCSEs, we know that for children to be successful in their exams they need to have a reading age of 16.

Thank you for making Read Aloud happen

I also want to acknowledge the fantastic efforts of our brilliant Community Outreach team, our headteachers and teachers, in organizing these events. 

Two parent’s comment particularly resonated with me: 

“Seeing our children so excited about books and stories is wonderful. It’s events like these that remind us of the joy and importance of reading together.”

“My boy doesn’t like picking up a book, but he loved Read Aloud and wants to know when the next one is please!”

December book swaps

Looking forward, I encourage you to participate in our upcoming winter book swaps, 

These events are a fantastic opportunity to refresh your child's reading material and share the joy of discovering new stories. 

Best of all, book swap is free. Just bring an old book to swap!

We also welcome any book donations, which can be dropped off at the school office.

Once again, thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Together, we are building a strong, reading-focused community for our children.

Watch out for more events coming to your school soon!

Warm regards,

Marino Charalambous

CEO, North Star Community Trust