Kingfisher nursery explore The Gruffalo using talking tables

Nursery uses talking table

Pupils in the nursery have been using talking tables while reading The Gruffalo.

The talking table is a new concept used as a part of the literacy programme in the school.

The nursery has just started to plan around this concept in order to make learning in nursery more fun for children. Children can freely draw pictures and write about the characters or events in the story. They would then be prompted questions based on the story they love sharing their thoughts, experiences and understanding of the story.

They enjoy the role play attached to the story which all links with the early learning goals of communication and language, understanding, personal, social and emotional development and speaking. 
“Children have been exploring the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ at the talking table this week, by using their language, imagination, drawing and mark-making.” - Tavashi Kamdar

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There are various exciting tables the pupils can explore.

On the 'small world' table (Understanding the world), children are making and investigating various habitats for different animals using wooden blocks.

On the 'Science' table (Understanding the world and exploring and using media and materials), children inspect the mud and habitats of the minibeasts. They touch and describe how it feels.

On the 'talking/writing table', children are drawing pictures of their favourite characters from the story and talking about it with each other.

The pupils also have a newly found Gruffalo’s cave in their classroom.