Delight in Turkish Flavors: A special school meal on Thurs, 5 October

As part of our ongoing focus of recognising different cultures in our amazing community, we will be holding a Turkish School Dinner day on Thursday 5 October.

So far we have celebrated cultures through food from: Britain, The Caribbean, China and now it’s time for Turkey.

All children are encouraged to eat a hot dinner on this day.

Please see the menu below.

Our delicious menu

  • Tavok Sorte (Turkish chicken stew) chicken in a tomato based sauce with peppers served with rice or bulger wheat 
  • Borek (V) feta & spinach pastry dish 
  • Yogurt & cucumber dip 
  • Water melon 
  • Ravani (semolina based cake) or cold rice pudding with brown sugar & cinnamon topping 

Please note that we will also be serving jacket potato and fillings for children who don’t want the Turkish dishes.