From Enfield heights to Antarctica

Blue Penguin

The creative reception class from Enfield Heights read the book ‘Blue Penguin’ and learnt all about where they live, created their own aurora lights and built an incredible igloo.

"The children have loved the Blue Penguin book and have seen their classroom transform into a scene from Antarctica." - Mr. Collison

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Far, far away in the southernmost tip of the earth, a blue penguin is born. He dives like a penguin, swims like a penguin and catches fish like a penguin.

But Blue Penguin doesn't fit it and is left all alone. Every night, he dreams of a large white whale who rescues him from his loneliness.

Blue Penguin sings a sad song to the white whale. The music is beautiful, and another little penguin comes to listen. When they sing a new song together, all the penguins join them, along with the majestic white whale. But Blue Penguin doesn't need to be rescued now - because he has friends.

A touching story about belonging, with magical illustrations on every page.