Two students tell us what it was like to 'take over' Heron Hall

We asked two of our students to give us their thoughts on student take over day.

A group of 10 students shadowed members of the school’s senior leadership team on Friday. They took part in meetings, delivered briefings and helped with a whole range of other tasks, from lesson planning to being ‘on duty’ at break times. The students were selected from membership of the school council and on the number of merits they have achieved.

My Experience as Headteacher of Heron Hall Academy – by Mikhala.


My day as the head teacher so far has been fun - even though I was late to my staff briefing!
So this morning I had to get everyone ready to go period one. Straight after that I had to get the year 11s lined up and ready to do their exam.
I went around with Mr Barzey making sure all the classes where working hard and silent. We also went into a lesson with a cover teacher. Unfortunately, we had to tell off a pupil for being rude to this teacher. I suggested to Mr Barzey that we should give her a blue slip. The pupil had to write a statement of what happened.
In my new role, we carried on walking around… popping into different classes. In the computer room there was another cover teacher (who is a very good cover teacher), I had to give one year7 a blue slip for hiding under the table.


At the being of period 2, I had to stand in the corridors and make sure people get to the lesson without pushing or shouting in the corridors. I had to give out another two blue slips to two Year 8 pupils because they were behaving in a bad way on the staircase.
Next up, I went with Mr Barzey to collect and take down the money from Children in Need day to the school office.


I had to watch the year 7 & 8 line to make sure everyone was against the wall. Then I walked around the playground making sure everything was ok outside. I got to blow the whistle to let everyone know that break was over it time to go to 3rd period. Then it was all the way up to the top floor to make sure everyone was going to their lessons and not messing around.


In period 3 I typed up the SLT agenda for Monday 26th November 2018. After I finished this task I went around looking for all the SLT members, asking them if there was anything they would like to add to the agenda. As Period 3 finished, I was back in the corridors making sure everyone was behaving.


Next I had to update the agenda to add all the ideas the SLT had given me. Then I went round making sure that everyone was engaged with their lessons.


I was on lunch time duty so I rushed down stairs and waited for the students to come… Year 11 arrives first, then a couple minutes later the rest of the school comes down to get their food. I tell the Year 8 & 9s to get into a straight line so I can let them in.
After that I went outside to make sure everyone was on their best behaviour - which they were. Then I went into the canteen and to tell everyone that lunch is over. My next task was to clean up the canteen, before heading off to make sure that no one was in the corridors.


For period 5 I went around checking class rooms and helping Mr Davis, our deputy head teacher.
Then I went to Madam Walters’ class room to check if she was ok. Unfortunately, I had to give out 3 more detentions to boys who got sent out of their cover lesson. Then I went back onto the corridors to make sure everyone got to period 6 on time.


I was able to do my math work and I also helped Mr Davis print things for the offices.
I went up on the stage for the year 7 assembly - where they welcomed me with love and care!


Today has been such a great day!
It has taught me a lot of responsibility and has given me a chance to finally realise what I want to be when I get older and has push me to be the best I can be.
Thank you Mr Barzey for allowing me to have this experience with you!

Reflections on the day by Nehir Temur

I had fun today as I learnt the different aspects of teaching.
In the morning I was doing the register for the Year 11 exam in the morning.
After that it was free period, so I was planning a Year 7 science lesson by making worksheets.
I then went for break duty to the canteen, before finishing planning the science lesson.
In period 4 I went to science and began ‘teaching’.
During lunch I went along to the canteen and ate my lunch. Then I went outside to make sure students were not throwing their rubbish on the floor (littering).
Today was a fun experience as I got to have “power” for a whole day and I was taught a teacher’s ‘day in a life’.
Overall it was a nice experience. However, it was very tiring!