Heron students aiming high with top ranked university

A party of students from the school visited the University of Warwick this week to see the potential opportunities on offer to them from one of the world’s leading universities.
The group, which was hosted by Board of Trustees member, Professor Des Hewitt, toured the fabulous campus, giving the students a taste of what life would be like at a top university.
There is of course, no reason , why our students should not be aiming to go to an outstanding university like Warwick.
One of the big barriers for many of our young people to overcome however, is their own expectation of themselves. If no-one in your family, for example, has gone to university before, it can be difficult, even though you know you are able, to imagine yourself studying for a degree.
Despite some narrowing of the gap between the achievements of those from poorer and  better-off backgrounds all the research shows that there is still a huge difference.
CHAT Academies, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marino Charalambous said:

"I want to thank Des Hewitt for doing so much work at the Trust to help to raise the aspirations of our students. I know from feedback from the school that the students had a brilliant time but more importantly that they returned talking about one day applying to go to Warwick. We can't thank the university enough for looking after our students and making them feel so welcome and special."

In the future larger groups from Heron Hall will visit the university as part of an annual programme of activities showing our students the opportunities that can exist for them if they work hard and choose to study for degrees.