Our schools are re-opening - Find out what is going to happen

Dear Parent/ Carer

Our schools are re-opening

I wanted to write to all of our families across the schools that we run as a Trust about the good news that schools can re-open on Monday, 8 March.
We are all delighted by the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday that this is now going to happen.  
All the teaching and learning staff are excited by the announcement and cannot wait to see the children again.

Safety – our top priority

I want to assure you, as Chief Executive of the Trust, that the safety of our staff, children and families will remain our number one priority.
I meet weekly with the Headteachers to review safety. A committee of our Trustees also meets fortnightly to hold us to account on every aspect of safety.
‘Hands, Face, Space’ remains vitally important.
Each school is being carefully prepared with this in mind, with further staff training and a renewed safety awareness campaign in place.
With all of the children returning we will be adopting a cautious approach.
This will result in our making some changes to the way children are taught in class and how the schools operate.

The schools will send you detailed information about what will happen on 8 March

You will shortly be receiving a very detailed letter from your school about all aspects of the return.
This information will include more about the issue of testing, the drop-off and collection points and timings, schools meals and breaks, PE, and what will happen with clubs and after school care.

Testing for covid-19 for secondary students

You may have read the Government’s plans for getting everyone back into the classroom includes tests in school for secondary students and then continuing with home testing.
This testing is not compulsory but is being strongly urged by the government.
I strongly recommend that we all abide by this call for testing to take place so that we can keep everyone as safe as possible and prevent further class or whole school closures.

Huge response to our survey

750 families responded to our recent primary and secondary school home learning surveys.
This brilliant response will help us to improve what we do. You were very generous in your praise for our efforts but also raised serious issues for us to address.
I was very pleased to see that as many as 74% of you said home learning for their child had seen ‘an improvement or a big improvement’ since the first lockdown.
Also that 96% of you said we had communicated with you during the pandemic ‘very well’ or ‘well’.
We will undoubtedly need home learning at times in the future if local conditions require lockdowns, or further class closures are needed due to specific outbreaks.

Thank you

I want to end by thanking our families for balancing the challenges of home learning with work, home life and often supporting elderly family members, or being part of a support bubble.
Many of you are also key workers and you have helped keep vital services in the community running. We truly thank you for this.
Our Headteachers, all the teams in the schools, myself and the Board of Trustees, will do absolutely everything in our power to get the children where they need to be academically.
That is our promise to you.
We have all pulled together so far and must now forge an even closer partnership with you, our families, to ensure the children have the brightest of futures ahead of them.
Yours faithfully,
Marino Charalambous
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CHAT Academies