Our Primary children returning to three delicious new menus

With nutrition and health at the heart of all of our meals we offer a fantastic, tasty set of rolling menus for our pupils.

With everything from sausages and mash, stacks of vegetables, Halal and vegetarian options to gateaux and salads, there's something for everyone.

Children are more likely to try new things when they're surrounded by their peers all sitting down and eating together.

The lunch halls are vibrant, encouraging environments in which to do just that.

We have a three-week cycle of meal menus.

Paying for school meals

It's really easy to pay for school dinners online. Just log into your Arbor account.

Weekly lunch menus

We have three delicious menus which change every third week.

For example, Menu 1 is available in the week beginning on 7 September. Menu 2 is then given to the children in the week beginning on 14 September and Menu 3 is given to the children in the week beginning  21 September. Then the cycle starts again with Menu 1 available in the week of 28 September.

If you lose track and wish to know exactly what your child has a choice of at any given time, please call the school office to find out.

You can download a copy of the menus below: 

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3