Growing seeds at home - next steps

Recently, we showed you how you can grow your own food and herbs from home. Here are the next steps. 

If you have grown many seeds together you will need to separate them into individual pots this is called (thinning). Remember to keep them watered and not to let them dry out.

When they are big enough, if they have quite a few leaves and have grown several inches high you can move them into bigger pots and transplant them into a garden if you have one. 

This needs to be done carefully so you do not damage the roots. Water in well. As they grow they will need support to hold them up and not bend and brake.

With tomato plants, as they grow pinch out any side shoots to promote growth and a good crop of fruit. Keep them watered and watch them grow.

Once finished, the pots can be placed on a kitchen window sill, patio, front door step or garden patio.

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